With Momzilla you can save thousands on new installations. I take your existing cabinets and give them new life that I call Toddzilla-proofWith kids you're constantly scrubbing off sticky juices, syrup, and who knows what else! With my Toddzilla-proof finish, all that comes right off.

What you're getting with Momzilla I follow a meticulous process to ensure that your cabinets will not only look amazing, but will last. This includes surface preparation, sanding, coats of paint, and my Toddzilla finishing touches for easy cleaning and maintenance. With Momzilla you also get all new hardware specifically picked for you, courtesy of my sponsor DLawless Hardware, and a breathtaking kitchen makeover!

New cabinets are cheaply made and expensive - costing you into the tens of thousands of dollars for demolition, cost of the cabinets themselves, and installation. With a custom face lift, you save money, hassle, and the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling!